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Update from the Licence Bookings Team

6 October 2010
The Licensing Department is making headlines with the controversial move to close down the call centre almost overnight.
To say that they haven't really thought things through before closing the call centre is an understatement. It would seem that the licence testing stations were completely taken by surprise, and didn't have time to ramp up on staff or resources to deal with the sudden influx of applicants wanting to book for their learners or driver's licence. 
Apparently, it's chaos at most of the testing stations, with people being turned away, and other - desperate for a booking - even camping outside the testing station to get a booking.
Below, some of our customers share their experiences ... 


"Hello, I would like to be contacted as soon as the call centre starts working again I went to langlagte sta yesterday to try get a driver's licence test date I had to stay on the long for one hour and after I got infront I was told I can't book becoz I dnt have a ref number
I'm not going back there until the call centre starts working again......"

David Mabena - 5 October 2010


"Good day, after spending more than 2 hours in the queues at Roodepoort on Friday we were very rudely turned away because we did not have a reference number! Upon calling the Call centre only to be informed that the system was off!!and we have to go back to the testing station for a learners booking."

Devin Minnaar - 5 October 2010

Hopefully, a solution will be found soon. We've heard through the grapevine that the department is considering reopening the call centre sooner rather than later, so that people can obtain a booking without having to stand in queues that seem to go on forever.